can we just take a minute and appreciate that someone out there actually made an eyeshadow collection themed after doctor who? because dude. i love geeks and everything they choose to be. this is my favourite thing ever. it’s by geek chic cosmetics, and you should check it out right now.

i’ll just go over the colours really quickly, since that’s what everyone is here for, let’s not lie.

bad wolf - purple/grey with silver glitter. yes. this is a rose tyler themed eyeshadow. GUYS. come on. how cool is that? bad wolf looks purple in the swatch on geek chic’s website, and certainly purple here, but on my eye it translates to more grey with a tiny purple persuasion. sad times. i’m sure those with darker complexions than mine will have more luck with the colour translation.
bigger on the inside - because if a rose tyler eyeshadow didn’t floor you, maybe a TARDIS-themed one will. TARDIS BLUE. it’s a blue-green shadow with gold sparkles. this is very much ten’s TARDIS, right down to the gold that gives it a weathered look. look how much thought went into this colour, seriously. super, super pigmented and smooth. if you only buy one thing from this collection, get this.
don’t blink - DON’T EVEN BLINK. weeping angel silver, with a white sheen and white/silver sparkles. weeping angel eyeshadow. come on. this is is also wicked pigmented.
exterminate -  i lied. if you buy TWO things from this collection, get this one, too. bronze-orange/gold with gold sparkles. i kid you not, this is dalek bronze. it’s a perfect match. DALEKS ON YOUR EYES. it’s definitely RTD-era dalek correct. trust me, i’m a doctor. i’m not. trust me anyway.
sexy in suspenders - literally the only way you’ll ever get to wear captain jack on your face. (that was a filthy joke and i’m not sorry.) this looks quite beige on the website, but it’s actually more of a dirty beige-grey with silver sparkles. again, that may be my insane ghost skin changing the colour a bit. this is the least pigmented of the bunch - packing it on means it gets more and more grey. but it’s still a must, because of reasons.
untimely love - for the girl who’s still not over tosh and owen. themed after the utter heartbreak of those crazy, half-dead kids, untimely love is an orange/brown colour with a green sheen to it. and gold sparkles. don’t forget the sparkles. on the lid, it goes a bit brown, but the green is definitely present. a must for people whose hearts have been mailed in tiny pieces to RTD’s doorstep.
we are coming - my personal favourite, tbqh. brown-black with gold glitter, this is the ultimate smokey eye colour. it’s so pigmented that you will frak up the first time and end up with raccoon eyes. use a light hand with this one. having said that, it’s a deep, deep colour, and goes with so many colours, thanks to the gold. stupid children of earth.
yes, sir - my other favourite, because it amuses me to no end. it’s ianto’s shadow, and it is pink. well, it’s ianto/jack, too. pink. PINK. i am stuck on how funny as balls that is. anyway, this one disappointed me a bit, because it swatches a little pink, but goes on the lid a clay-orange colour. no pink to be had. however, it’s still a gorgeous colour. IANTO PINK. i can’t.

geek chic cosmetics is an independent company, and i love them to pieces. all of their stuff is hand-made, cruelty-free, and vegan. that means they won’t irritate your skin! thank rassilon. and it means that, since the eyeshadows, foundations, and blushes are loose, they will always be incredibly pigmented. loose makeup is hard to work with if you’re new to makeup, so make sure to check out some tutorials online on how to apply them.

the eyeshadows come in 5 gram sifter jars - they’re smaller than you think, but they’re packed full of product and will last a hella long time at $5/shadow. for comparison -  MAC’s packed eyeshadows are 1.5 grams and run at $18. so it’s a lot of bang for your buck, for sure.

the timey-wimey collection is on sale now for $31.94. it comes with 8 eyeshadows and lots of geeky fun.

and if doctor who isn’t your thing, hold up - they also have firefly, battlestar galactica, true blood, and star trek - to, you know, name a few. 

oh and uh forgive them the website layout, the products make up for it.  

Damn/bless you, impressioniste for getting the word out on geek chic cosmetics!  AS IF I needed more eyeshadow or less money XD

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